Being a record collector and DJ since the late 80’s, building a good quality mixer was always a dream for me. To arrive at this point of building and selling mixers is a great honour.

The mixers are close to my heart. It’s not a bandwagon, knee-jerk trend, its the product of DJ culture and my craft as an tradesman.



Carmen EQ

Carmen EQ is a 4 channel desktop rotary DJ mixer with a 2 way EQ per Channel, encased in a distinctive hardwood frame.



Lucia is a compact discrete 2 channel rotary mixer, with our IC based Isolator, separate FX sends pre channel and a headphone blend circuit.

Carefully designed and built to be a very flexible mixer but retain the classic Condesa sound.



Carmen is a 4 channel desktop rotary DJ mixer, encased in a distinctive hardwood frame with a fully discrete audio circuit and 3 way master EQ.




Clara has been designed to provide Allegra with an Isolator, but she can be an addition to any DJ set up. Clara’s circuit is IC based making the sound very transparent. She is housed in a 1 unit rack case.



Lola has been designed to provide desktop Condesa owners with a matching isolator but can easily be added to any DJ set up. Lola’s circuit is very transparent and housed in a beautiful hard wood case.