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Carmen V

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Carmen V

Featured Mixer - Carmen V

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Lucia X

Lucia X is our first mixer to feature an all-analogue crossfader and a master isolator assign switch. It's 2 channel design shares DNA with her sister Lucia, featuring the same 2 pole isolator (optional 4 pole) as well as the improved channel EQ.

Lucia Mixer


Lucia is a compact discrete 2 channel rotary mixer and comes standard with a 2 pole isolator (optional 4 pole), separate FX sends pre channel, a headphone blend circuit and an improved channel EQ from Carmen V.

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Carmen V

Carmen V

The Carmen V brings the Carmen EQ/ISO and Lucia models together with 3 EQ per channel, 3 switchable phono/line inputs as well as a discrete 4 pole isolator as standard.


Carmen EQ/ISO

Carmen EQ & ISO combines our Carmen EQ model with the addition of Condesa’s newly developed 4 pole isolator.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Carmen EQ

Carmen EQ is a 4 channel desktop rotary DJ mixer with a 2 way EQ per Channel, encased in a distinctive hardwood frame.

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Carmen is a 4 channel desktop rotary DJ mixer, encased in a distinctive
hardwood frame with a fully discrete audio circuit and 3 way master EQ.

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Allegra captures the spirit of the original rotary DJ mixers. With 100% discrete circuitry and a superior high fidelity sound.

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Allegra EQ

Allegra EQ is based on the same circuits as the Original Allegra, we have simply added a 2 way discrete equaliser per channel.

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Clara has been designed to provide Allegra with an isolator, but she can
also be an addition to any DJ set up. Clara’s circuit is available
with integrated and discrete circuits making her sound very transparent.
She is housed in a 1 unit rack case.

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