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Condesa's compact 2 channel rotary mixer, Lucia has been carefully designed following the same circuitry as the Allegra and Carmen units to retain our signature sound. She features a discrete 2 pole isolator, FX send/return per channel, a headphone blend circuit, fixed record out as well as a true ISO bypass switch.

We have designed the Lucia to be small enough to travel as part of touring DJs' equipment or to live nicely in your home.

Shipping: Worldwide from Australia
2 years
Build time: Approx. 24-26 weeks - build times may vary - please contact us to find out more

Channels 1 & 2 - selectable stereo RCA phono (A) / line (B)

Stereo master (unbalanced RCA and transformer balanced XLR outputs)
Stereo booth (transformer balanced TRS)
Stereo record (RCA unbalanced, fixed level)

Three way equaliser per channel
Lo +/- 12db @ 120Hz
Mid +/- 12db @ 1kHz
Hi +/- 12db @ 12kHz

Discrete circuit
2 pole, 12db cut per octave
Optional - 4 pole, 24db cut per octave
3 way master isolator – boost 12db, cut to infinity
Low (10 - 280Hz), Mid (280Hz - 4kHz), High (4kHz - 20kHz)
True bypass switch

FX send/return per channel
FX send per channel level (post fader), RCA unbalanced output
FX return, stereo return to mix with fader, RCA unbalanced input

Cueing system
Cue blend for channels 1 & 2
Optional - Cue master switch - level of the final stereo mix in the headphones
Optional - Split cue switch - mono split of channels 1 & 2 in the left and right headphones respectively
Only one cue option per mixer can be fitted due to available space internally and externally.

Stereo VU meters, master output, post volume (0vu = 0dbm)

48v DC external power supply 100v-240v AC input
Optional - linear power supply with mains selection switch, 110-240v

4 kg

25 x 25 x 9 cm