Behind The Designs

The idea of the mixer was born way back about the time I started building esoteric studio recording equipment – pre-amps, compressors, equalisers, limiters and studio mixers.

I realised when I was building these discrete transistor pre-amps and class A tube limiters, that the circuits were simple and this resulted in “colouring” the audio in a pleasing way. I was inspired by the way that these audio circuits retained the depth, warmth and dynamic range of the audio.

On the other side of the fence, it also struck me that modern audio circuits were compromising audio quality, simply to save money in the manufacture process to increase profits.

Being a record collector and DJ since the late 80’s, building a good quality mixer was always a dream for me. To arrive at this point of building and selling mixers is a great honour.

The mixers are close to my heart. It’s not a bandwagon, knee jerk trend, it’s the product of DJ culture and my craft as a tradesman.

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