Introducing Carmen SE

We are officially launching our latest mixer.

The new Carmen SE

The Carmen SE was originally a custom build for DJ Spinna, which we coined the “Spinna Edition”.

After receiving his Allegra XL and loving it, Spinna came back to us wanting a more portable option that he could take to gigs. So, we agreed to design something different for him.

DJ Spinna with his Carmen SE

DJ Spinna with his Carmen SE

He liked the layout of the 6 channel mixer we had made for Joey Llanos and asked if we could do something similar in a 4 channel format. 

Our 6 channel custom for Joey Llanos 

So we designed a 4 channel layout with the vertical channel EQs & input selector placement from Joey’s mixer and added a set of big VU meters that we’d previously used on a custom 6 channel mixer for Leeroy Brown back in 2015.

The 6 Channel custom we built for Leeroy Brown 

The SE features a mic input with a dedicated fader, an FX send per channel option and Urei style pointer knobs to allow you to navigate levels in low light.

A custom green Carmen SE for Hot Wax Soundsystem 

We've sourced some special field effect transistors, shortened the internal signal path to improve the mixers performance, our discrete 4 pole Isolator also gained these improvements as well as a re-tune for a flatter response.

Finally, we have added a distressed Ironbark wood option, which is a dark heavy hardwood with a distinctive character.



I'm excited to be able to share this special version of our Carmen and am thankful to all for your ongoing support with what we do!

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