10 Years of Condesa

Welcome to our new website, we hope you like the improvements we have made to the site, including the long awaited addition of the Lucia X, aka Kon-Desa, a Crossfader Lucia that was inspired by a custom design for the DJ/ Producer Kon.

Condesa Rotary Mixers

2022 is a mile stone, it marks 10 years of making Condesa mixers, to celebrate we have made a donation to plant 1000 trees, we will now be making a donation to plant one tree for every new mixer that is sold.

 Condesa Printed Circuit Boards, contains text "Condesa Electronics mixer V2.2, Music First!"

There has been some subtle updates to the mixers, we have returned our isolator filter circuits to have a much flatter frequency response at the default settings, this makes the isolator sound more transparent and it also improves the frequency band separation, this adds a more dramatic character when bands are cut or boosted.
We have added a new discrete VU drive circuit, this removes any unnecessary VU distortion from the master output, it also improves the VU meters precision and sensitivity.


3 Condesa Lucia Mixers

We’ve added the celebrated Channel EQ circuit from the Carmen V to our Lucia Mixers, the outcome is a more versatile, powerful EQ that excels in tonal shaping and band cutting to make sonic room in the mix.

 2 Condesa Lucia X Mixers


As you may have noticed via our social media posts we have also been making a wide range of Allegra rack mixers, we will be adding them to this site in the near future.

 Condesa Allegra Rack Mixer

Thanks to all that have supported us over the last 10 years and continue to do so, once again its an honour to build mixers and we pride ourselves in supporting our products and customers.

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3 Condesa Carmen V Mixers



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