Can I have my mixer design layout changed?

Unfortunately not as our current build schedule is very tight and custom builds are very time consuming.

Can I get my mixer built quicker than the current build times?

This is not possible as we have tight build schedule and expediting an order can mean pushing other waiting customers down the line. Please keep in mind that our ETAs can vary due to things like increased demand and unforeseen delays with suppliers. We’re currently very busy juggling builds and new designs as well trying our best to reduce wait times.

What’s the difference between an IC and discrete audio circuit?

Discrete circuits include individual electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and other devices, as opposed to integrated circuits (ICs), which include these components on a chip. Proponents of discrete circuits argue that because discrete components are larger, they carry a higher voltage and are less susceptible to electrical interference. Condesa discrete circuits have a rich full & dynamic sound which is much harder to achieve with IC audio circuits.

Does the power supply work on different mains voltages, do I need a step-down transformer or an adaptor to plug it in?

The power supply we offer is an automatic mains switching supply which works on 100vac to 240vac. They are suitable for all countries, however you will need to purchase a 3 pin mains IEC lead that is suitable to your country’s mains sockets (except Australian customers).

Can I get a travel case with my mixer?

We offer black PVC safe cases for both the Carmen and Lucia mixers and are available for $100AUD.

Travel cases for the Allegra and Clara units are not available.

Why are Condesa mixers much louder than regular mixers?

The Condesa’s discrete output amps have lots of gain to ensure you never run out of level (headroom). This also ensures that our mixers have dynamic sound characteristics. You may not need all of the level that the mixer provides, but having this headroom means that the mixer will never clip the audio signal.

What’s the unity gain position of the channel faders on my mixer?

That’s at the 7 (2 o’clock) position.

What’s the unity gain position of the master volume on my mixer?

That’s at the 5 (12 o’clock) position.

What wood do you use for the cases?

All our woods are sourced and handcrafted locally. The cases we offer are:

Dark Wood – Australian Blackwood

Blonde – Tasmanian Oak

Black Stain – Stained Tasmanian Oak

I have noticed that the wood shades look different to the pictures on the website?

Due to the nature of wood, we cannot guarantee an exact match. Wood grains will vary as will the shades of each wood type. 


Where do you ship to and how much will it cost me?

Our rates may vary depending upon the delivery location, however for most Australian locations we charge $60AUD and $180AUD for most international locations. All shipments are insured and trackable (tracking number provided once posted). Please note that rates are based on single units and prices will change for multiple mixers. For further information about our shipping policy and rates, please contact us.

What is your returns policy?

You must request a return within 14 days of receiving the order. The order must be in original condition without damage from the user. Should damage occur during shipping, then we will offer a replacement or a refund.

All refunds exclude import taxes, duties and any other fees associated with the purchase.

Returns must be sent on a tracked service. Return shipping costs are not covered, unless the return is faulty or has been damaged in shipping.

Will there be import tax added to my mixer when it arrives in my country?

Yes this is possible. Import duties, taxes and brokerage fees are not included in the product price or shipping. These charges are the customer’s responsibility. Please ensure to check with your country’s Customs Office on what rates they charge on imports.


All our products include a 2 year warranty period which we calculate from the date the item is delivered. That said, we love what we do and will always do our best to support the product even if out of the warranty period 🙂

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